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Creepers on the Interwebs and cat seizures

It’s day 3 of pen pal searches, and it’s tougher than it looks. Most sites are basically an international Facebook. Whatever happened to the old days of snail mail and emailing back and forth? I sound like an old-timer when I say that. But it’s true. Not even Pierre from Sweden or Matt from New Hampshire have sent me back messages.

As for the title, the people that HAVE messaged me are super creepy. They message winky faces and they’re like 30. Why you go on an international site to date is beyond my knowledge. Oh, you’re a 35 year old Arabian man looking for a relationship with an 18 year old American? That’s not gonna happen. Ever. 

I’m beginning to feel a little discouraged at my efforts, and not only at my lack of a steady pen pal. I can’t seem to find a good idea for a book. I think and think and think but all I come up with are versions of other people’s ideas. Is there anything out there that hasn’t been written about already? I need some inspiration. 

As if anything else could go wrong, my precious Prince-cat has an appointment with the vet tomorrow. At the Wentzville clinic, your first visit is free, so he has to go in at 2 p.m. He’s been having weird seizure-like occurrences, where he lays down and his back legs kick back and forth and his muscles contract and retract uncontrollably, it seems. The first time my dad thought it was because he ate dairy  and chocolate (ice cream), which is a big no-no for cats. But he hasn’t had any of that since the incident 2 weeks ago and it happened again today. I may check online and see if I can find anything on cat seizures. 

For the occasion, I cleaned out an old dog crate which was my dog Fudge’s who passed away not too long ago. I’m leaving it in the cat room for Prince to become more comfortable with it before I lock him in it and put it in a moving car. Good thing Wentzville isn’t far! I also hand-crafted a spiffy collar out of my old high school lanyard that I cut ad sewed a button onto. It’s adorable!

I’m really hoping that the diagnosis is either nothing or nothing serious. I haven’t started working yet so I can’t afford blood work, and god forbid surgery. Wish me luck, and prayers for my sweet Prince would be lovely. 🙂 Don’t fail me now, Yahoo Answers!!! Ta-ta for now. 


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