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Looking for am international pen pal!

Today I logged onto a site called “” 

I’ve always wanted to have a pen pal, and I figure now, while I’m not busy, is a good time to start. So far I’ve emailed Wooyong from Korea, Yina from the Domican Republic, and Carol who is from Portugal, lives in Brazil, but speaks English. Crazy, right? I must admit I’m hoping Wooyong responds, Asian culture is something I’ve always been interested in.  But in case none of them respond, I’l try a few other sites and see what kind of luck I have. In other news, has anyone heard of My friend Shelby told me about it. It’s where thousands of authors get together (over the internet of course) and they all try to write a novel in one month! That sounds insane. However, I just may try it. It’s in November so that will DEFINITELY be something to blog about. I’m always looking for inspiration, so maybe this penpal thing will give me some good ideas for a good novel. Well, I’m signing off to go watch the movie “Dream House.” It’s a great psych thriller. Goodnight, internet. Wishing for a penpal!!! 🙂


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